About Us

Superior Technologies Weighing & Controls Inc., a privately owned company, was founded in 1976 as Superior Scale. The first Legal for Trade electronic pitless truck scale was designed and installed in Canada by Superior Scale in 1979. Today, their computerized Legal for Trade systems primarily serve the heavy industrial sector, servicing a wide range of companies from grain and feed mills to the concrete industry. Superior Scale also designed the UNILINK, an innovative load cell assembly for truck scales and heavy duty weighing systems that is patented in Canada and the United States.

Within its first decade, the company expanded beyond scale manufacturing and distribution, and in 1986 changed its name to Superior Weighing Systems. In 1995, the Superior Control Technologies division was formed as the company added more computer-controlled systems to their product line. With the evolving variety of services came another name change, so in 1999, Superior Technologies Weighing and Controls Inc. was formed.

Superior Technologies’ team of engineers has worked closely with several companies to design cost-effective solutions for various bulk handling systems for the grain, feed, concrete and asphalt industries. The company has claimed its rightful place as an aggressive leader in the development of computerized weighing and process control systems. Superior Technologies’ computer services include software development, on site training, ongoing hardware maintenance, and software support. As a worldwide exporter, Superior Technologies has installed product in Asia, Africa, China and Europe. More international work is planned for the future.